Supported Projects

We invest in projects in the Gold Standard Climate + portfolio.

The goal is not only to help protect the planet from the impact of climate change, but also improve the lives of people in vulnerable communities by supporting sustainable development.

Gold Standard projects lead to benefits such as jobs creation, protection of species at-risk, access to safe & drinkable water, and improved health and livelihoods.

Bio gas


A perfect example of a virtuous circle, biogas projects transform waste to a clean, reliable source of energy. Residues from the fermentation process can be used as organic fertilizer, increasing crop growth and yields.

Wind power

Beyond harnessing a natural force of nature for clean energy, wind projects create jobs in the green economy and help developing countries become energy-independent.

Wind power projects
Forestry projects


Protecting our forests not only absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, it creates local jobs in forest management and conserves vital ecosystems, protecting local biodiversity at a time when a million species are in threat of extinction.

Cooking stoves

3+ billion people lack access to clean cooking solutions, mainly in Africa and Asia. This leads to over 4 million premature deaths each year. These projects help clean the air by providing better equipment and save lives.

Cooking stoves projects

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