Make your workforce climate positive

Automatically measure & offset your employees's carbon emissions.

For 9 5€ / employee / month.

How it works

1. Your team connect their Gmail accounts and reply to a questionnaire.

2. We continuously monitor their carbon footprint through calendar analysis.

How we monitor emissions →

3. We automatically buy carbon offset packages for you, at the relevant amount.

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Footprint estimator
Monthly Emissions (CO₂e)

Current Offset package cost
9€ / tons


Monthly offset

Save the planet

Help preserve a greener future by having a climate positive workforce and supporting sustainable projects.

Employee Perk

Sustainability is one of the most important attributes for employees today. Retain hires and attract the best talents.

Witness your change

See your evolving impact on your dashboard along with the offset certificates and your employee's individual stats.

Climate Positive Badges

Show your contribution to the environment on your website or app.

The ROI will be positive

Being sustainable in 2021 will bring growth to your business.


of customers would pay extra for an environmentally-friendly products.


of employees would rather work for a company with an environmental strategy in place.


of investors say that they are divesting from companies with no sustainability strategy.


of employees think that they would stay longer with an employer who is committed to environmental concerns.

The time is now.

Make your team carbon-neutral in minutes with Fresh.


Does it work for remote companies?

Yes! We designed our product with all kinds of companies in mind. By offsetting your employee's personal travel emissions.

Does the email analysis only work with Google Calendar ?

At the moment, yes, only Google Calendar is supported. We are working on supporting other services for automatic reporting.

Does it work for one-man businesses?

Yes definitely! Just skip the team onboarding step.

What project does the money go to?

We invest in the Gold Standard Climate+ Portfolio. Proof of purchases will be available on your dashboad and verifiable on their registry.